lepognon Type :

Period :
Contemporary movie

Casting :

Bernard Menez

Catherine Jacob

Frederique Bel 

Francois Vincentelli

Production :
CB Partners

Direction :
Sylvain CHOMET

Synopsis :

"LE POGNON" is freely inspired by the comedy drama "To your wishes", written by Pierre Chesnot and created in 1976 by Bernard Blier at the theater of the Comédie des Champs-Elysées. This new title is taken from a long tirade by Ludovic Méricourt, who, riddled with remorse, accuses money of being solely responsible of the moral shipwreck in which he is embarked. It's a universal text which, in the form of derision, depicts the blackness of soul of humans when they they have to choose between fortune and probity. A choice often quickly settled...

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le pognon


Dramatical Comedy